Thursday, May 30, 2024

Alix Felsing Consulting LLC

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Alix Felsing Consulting LLC


Create a solid foundation for growth by learning about yourself. Clearly understanding your personality, your values and your communication style makes it possible to know when to apply your strengths and when to develop competencies that you need but don’t have.

Assessments are a rich source of information that provides a useful framework for discussing challenges, strengths and opportunities. I offer the following assessments:

WorkPlace Big Five™ personality profile describes your personality traits in nonjudgmental terms: how you respond to stress, sensory stimulation and new ideas, defer to others, and make progress toward goals. Learn what competencies you bring to the table and what traits you might want to develop.  Team reports are available for groups.

The Values Profile shows how you rank 16 values, such as Beauty, Competitiveness and Relationships. Values are neither good nor bad; they’re just what’s most important to you. Understanding your values is the first step being true to yourself in work and life. Team reports are available for groups.

ADVanced Insights inventory provides a snapshot of your DISC communication style, your values, and your ability to balance thinking, feeling and context in making decisions.

Not sure where to start? Set up a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll talk about your goals and decide whether to work together.

Assessment packages include the assessment, a 1-hour debriefing session and five 1-hour coaching sessions. The time frame depends on the urgency of your goals; we recommend six weeks, three months or six months.