Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Fresh perspectives in turbulent times

Alix Felsing Consulting LLC


Resilience is the process of adapting well to negative events. The stress you face might be work-related, such as layoffs, or it might be personal, such as injury or illness. Learn skills that enable you to bring your best effort to the challenges at hand.

Resilience: Money Matters

Year-round financial concerns can become more acute as bills roll in from the holiday giving season. In this 2-hour financial resilience workshop, you will learn about your relationship to money, how to set goals and how to make a plan for spending that reduces your stress.

Next class: Look for this class in January or early February.


Resilience: Thrive Amid Change

In this 2-hour overview of resilience, you will learn simple ways to check your resilience and increase your ability to adapt when negative things happen. You will identify major stressors and develop practical, short-term strategies that prepare you to adapt more effectively.

Next class: Our October class was very successful! Check back soon for future dates.


Resilience: A Deeper Look

In this deeper look at resilience patterns, you will learn to analyze your level of resilience from a big-picture standpoint. You will identify challenging circumstances that are straining your resilience and develop long-term strategies for investing in your ability to adapt.

Next class: Coming soon.


Resilience: Reset

Sometimes your stress level spikes and you’re off balance before you know it. Learn to recognize when you’re running out of gas, when you’re getting triggered, and what you can do to restore your equilibrium.

Next class: Coming soon.


Write Your Way Toward Resilience

The reflective practice of journaling can help you process stressful events. Learn how to journal your way toward more resilience. Class meets in two sessions, one week apart.

Next class: Coming soon.